A Well-Knit Mountainside Oasis

The basement bathroom in the Hunt's prairie home is cold damp, and concerning.  It will shed these unwanted layers and become, instead, and unfettered, playful oasis of much needed respite.

The bathroom is inspired by a partnership between two of the homeowners favorite things: the rugged, wind-swept terrain surrounding the Hunt's Gorge home, and the soft, delicate details of vintage knit textiles.  While a nod to the land above and around the basement bathroom's physical space provides a reassuring connecting to the context of the home as a whole, references to age-softened knitwear round out otherwise rough edges, providing warmth, comfort, and visual detail.  These two elements will be grounded in careful references to the farmhouse aesthetic seen throughout the rest of the home, typing the updated, spa-like ambiance of the new bathroom to the existing site and structure.