Caldera Resort & Spa

The Caldera Resort & Spa is located in the town of Mammoth Lakes, California in the Sierra Nevada.  This area is known for its diverse and plentiful outdoor recreation options, including skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, fishing and backpacking.  The geography of the area, at 7,000 feet in a high desert caldera, is unique in its ability to offer such options, and during all four seasons of the year.  

The resort and spa will serve adventurers seeking, not just outdoor recreation, but also a environment encouraging holistic health. Healthful food options are available throughout the resort and spa. The spa itself offers massage, a steam room, fitness classes and a weight room. And, there are two natural hot springs accessible on the mountain-facing patio side of the spa.

Other requirements for the resort included at least 15 guest rooms, between 400 and 650 square feet, capable of double-occupancy, and equipped with its own hot spring access (in-suite, or within short walking distance), a private bathroom, storage, and covered parking.  Five of these suites were required to have a full kitchen, as well, including accommodating seating, and all standard appliances.  Each of these suites, in the proposed design, take in full views of the surrounding valley and mountain views.  

A main lobby, including three offices, guest check-in, and a cafe and breakfast room were also required.  

The spa itself could be comprised of no more than 1,800 square feet.  It was to include all of the above mentioned amenities, as well as laundry facilities, and the necessary changing rooms for men and women, equipped with standard showers and toilet facilities, and steam rooms.  

All areas of the resort were to be connected with ADA accessible pathways, featuring gentle ramps in lieu of stairs.  

Caldera Resort & Spa:  A Restful Rock

Outdoor adventurers taking a respite from busy city life will find every outlet to the recreational amenities of Mammoth Lakes from Caldera Resort and Spa.  Sleek, sparkling, and rejuvenating private suites, made whole with hot-spring sourced hot tubs integrated into each guesthouse, will provide the perfect ambiance to rest up to readiness for the next day's activities, be it skiing, hiking, climbing, biking, fishing or backpacking.  Healthful, nourishing, but most importantly, delectable organic breakfasts and snacks are accessible in the on-site cafe and breakfast lounge.  Not least of all, spa services are just a few steps away in state-of-the-art facilities that can accommodate for every indulgence. Magnificent, unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains set the tone for this resort.  South-facing, accommodating windows bring light and beauty of the wilderness into each room, providing warmth in the starkness of winter, and just enough sun to wake one up to summer mornings.  

Concept Statement

The geography of Mammoth Lakes, roughly hewn from ice flows and volcanic activity of ages past, and the crystalline, stunning form and color of geodes, form the foundation of the concept of the Caldera Resort and Spa.  Polished rock is as unforgiving as it is in its untouched state, yet somehow invitingly cool, soft, and almost silken.  Smooth surfaces of polished rock, accented by dramatic dimensional rock/crystal formations, and embedded with glimmering lights, will create the feel of naturally-formed cave-like dwellings within the stars, dark, deep and cozy, yet brilliant and luxurious - an abode of earthen glamour.  Minimal organic fixtures emerge from the rock itself, not to distract from the sculptural beauty of the structures themselves.  Furnishings and accents provide contrasting but complementary textures, soft and lush, light-as-air, adding to the sanctuary like environment of Caldera Resort & Spa.


August 2012