Contemporary Farmhouse

The family of five moving into this home needed more space, and far fewer acorns.  While the previous owners had kept the house up nicely, the forest motif was not the new owners' cup of tea.  The redesign was to create a bright, cozy farmhouse feel that complemented the design sensibility of both husband and wife, each graphic designers in their own right.  

To manage cost, several features throughout the home were maintained, including the majority of the footprint, a dated wood railing brought back to life with glossy black lacquer, and various, subtle architectural details.  Other areas, including the large kitchen/dining area, three and a half bathrooms, and all flooring, paint, lighting, and hardware were completely transformed.  

The result was a charming, uniquely detailed home for a playful family of five.

Completed at Ascent Architecture and Interiors.


Winter of 2016-17