Response House

This contemporary residential design was intended for the mild Pacific West Coast climate, specifically the Mid-Willamette Valley, including Portland and surrounding areas.  The project was situated on a NE corner lot in an urban, residential setting, with southern solar exposure at front.

Concept Statement

The homeowners for this design are both contemporary artists.  Subsequently, the design of the "Response House" is intended to connect to the artists and their creative nature.  The houses uses its own facade, open floor plans, a prominent use of glass, a sociable orientation, and thoughtful material choices to "respond" to the owner's avocation, and in turn, provide a place for response to the environment of the house and the people within it.  Key words throughout the design process, in addition to responsiveness, were: warmth, intrigue, permeability, strength, dynamism, and thoughtfulness.

Reclaimed wood, glass, concrete, stone, reflective metals such as bronze and chrome, living walls, and the use of water and light, were all chosen for this contemporary home to further manifest the "respond" concept.